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          1 > Customer Service

            Customer Service

             Customer Service:Through continuous communication with customers to improve our service to customers, Ocean Master can meet and satisfy the different requirements of customers timely.

            All staffs at Ocean Master are constantly absorbing new knowledge to improve service level. There are regular professional training and the popularization of new cargo import and export policy every week and month. At the same time, we listen to all the different requirements of customers, fully study the latest information in freight industry, and timely launch of a variety of service to meet customers’ requirements from rapid development of international freight.

            International freight forwarder belongs to the service industry, customers get shipping industry information from us, so we must make sure that we provide accurate, timely and latest information to our customers.

            Ocean Master and our all staffs adhere to the below service tenet in consistently:
            --Service first
            --To meet customer demand
            If you have any questions in the international transport of goods, please tell us. We will answer for you at the first time