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          1 > LCL


             We also provide cargo handling, LCL cargo and packing service. We offer LCL service for both domestic and foreign customers by collecting separated cargoes together from different places and ship them together. 

            It is very important for exporters to make the ultimate use of every container’s capacity. If you can try to use our company’s service, we will provide you a better loading plan for free.

            We also focus on export goods’ inspection service. For LCL cargoes to Nigeria, Iran, Kenya and Philippines etc., we have good co-operation relationship with local Inspection Organizations, such as INTERTEK, SGS, COTECNA etc.

            One of our biggest advantages is that we treat every cargo under principle of responsibility. For every cargo shipped by Ocean Master, our staff will double confirm their packing and shipping marks are in consistent with customer’s requirement. As you know from experience, most warehouses have no professional personnel to deal with your goods, which results in cargo damage and shortage. They cannot provide you corresponding service. However, this kind of problem will not occur in our company. We will provide you our best satisfactory service to all of our customers.