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          產品 Details

          1 > International air freight

            International air freight

             We have signed with many airlines for co-operation. We undertake cargo air freight transportation service from Xiamen to all over the world. We also provide cargo booking for both import and export goods, chartered carrier and door to door courier transportation service.

            Company has a group of well-trained, professional and highly-responsible technicians. All of this makes a solid foundation to service our customers, especially in the import and export customs clearance. We also have a group of professional air freight customs clearance personnel who have skilled customs clearance professional knowledge. This will guarantee convenient, rapid and accurate customs clearance business.

            Our company also has customs supervision warehouse in airport, equipped with high-quality professional service personnel, facilitating storage of goods and picking up the goods for customers. We have established good relationship with organizations of customs, transportation, port joint inspection departments etc. We have also built extensive business network with domestic foreign trading companies and airlines, which provides superior freight service and condition for both domestic and foreign cargo owners and customers.