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          產品 Details

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            Our company is professional to provide international shipping service to below world major areas:
            --Middle East
            --Southeast Asia
            --India and Pakistan
            --South American
            Because we have signed with many ship-owners freight rate agreement for above-mentioned routes, and we have strong agent networks in these countries and regions, we can provide the best transport and destination port service in these lines.
            Our company also provide cargo transport related service, such as cargo insurance, short-distance transport, making export documents and generation for export trading company etc.
            Export goods inspection is also one of the focuses of our service. We often meet with goods to Nigeria, Iran, Kenya and the Philippines, who require special inspections. We have good relation with local inspection organizations such as INTERTEK, SGS, COTECNA etc. in these countries.
            One of our biggest advantages is that is that we treat every cargo under principle of responsibility. Every shipment sent by Ocean Master, we will stick to customers’ instructions strictly! We make sure customers are satisfied and assured!
            Your satisfaction is the best reward for us!